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King's BBQ - Offering you the best quality and well-priced  BBQ catering services in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol.

There can be so many things to think about and take care of during the planning phase of any event. Let's be honest; food is one of the few things that can make or break any BBQ party irrespective of how much plans you've made for other things. 

Why make your party a mess, when you can easily make it an enjoyable experience with our BBQ catering team. Trust the team at King's BBQ to help treat your guest the right way at your next BBQ party, and you'll sure hear people whisper how amazing your party is. 

Exciting Menu Options

When it comes to offering BBQ Catering, we believe in going big. For us, it's not just about ribs and burgers. We believe that it should be an experience - one that you'll love having again. Therefore, whether it's for a large wedding party or a corporate conference, you can trust our team to bring the best outdoor cooking for you. 

Our team at King's BBQ pays enough attention to serving only the best meats, seafood, and poultry, carefully seasoned and prepared to suit your taste. 

Contact King's Catering Marbella today to provide your guests with the best BBQ home cooking that they'll ever taste on the Costa del Sol. We offer both elaborate and more casual menus to ensure that every single guest finds what suits them best. We are the best wedding BBQ catering firm in Marbella, and that shows the level of professionalism that we employ in helping you plan and execute your event.  

We throw in the same level of professionalism and seriousness, irrespective of whether it's a dazzling feast or an intimate gathering. Our menus have been created to cater for a variety of dietary needs. We are also proud of our ability to offer a great international selection of meals to bring a fun mix of flavour to any event.

King's BBQ is gradually changing what BBQ means. Prior to this time, when you think of BBQ, what comes to mind is a messy family meal on a Sunday afternoon. As an innovative BBQ firm near you, we've developed menus and setups that will make it easy for you to enjoy BBQ catering for any event at all. 

We understand that nobody ever gets it all, and that's why we are always available to help you through the planning phase. While mapping out the details of your perfect event, there'll be times when you'll find that you'll need extra hands with the serving details as well. We can help you ensure that you have enough staffing, utensils, tableware, and glassware for your guests to absolutely enjoy their BBQ meal. We can even help with decorations and sourcing of florals, all to ensure an elegant affair.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you handle it all and make your BBQ party a blast.

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