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King's Weddings - Offering the best private villa weddings and outdoor wedding caterer you can think of in Marbella.

Weddings are big days. Depending on how you perceive it, your wedding can be the most significant event you'll have in your romance life. There's so much to think of when it comes to the planning of a wedding.


Don't let these thoughts overburden you - not when you can hire a team of experts to help handle it. The team at King Catering is interested in making your big day extra special. Therefore, we will throw in our weight and everything we have into making sure that you get nothing short of excellence.

With so many different options available across Costa del Sol's amazing destinations, it's now easier to find the perfect wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Catering

The options are limitless when it comes to wedding locations in Costa del Sol, from small and intimate ceremonies in exotic corners of Marbella to iconic cities and beautiful beach locations. The expert wedding planners at King Catering can help you find what's perfect for your event.

Our range of cuisines at King's Catering Marbella is pure art, so with your taste as the primary ingredient, our executive chefs are so good that no savoury dish or confection can ever be impossible with them.


With a total dedication to bringing the best wedding experience to you and your guests, you can expect nothing short of a dream wedding. It doesn't even matter whether your ideal affair is an opulent seated wedding dinner or a coastal wedding buffet served al fresco or even a barbeque buffet, you can trust us to work hard to ensure that it becomes your expression. 


Our head chef works hard and round the clock to create original menus that will tickle your taste buds and honor your most treasured tradition.
From contemporary to traditional, we have canapé menus that combine the best local seasonal ingredients from Marbella, all combined to give you the best food design. King Catering Marbella presents these canapés to look as elegant and possible, without losing anything in taste.


We are dedicated to ensuring that each handmade bite is not just unique, but as exquisite as possible. We also bring our expertise to making the best wedding BBQ catering you can think of.

Contact us today to learn more about all that we have to offer you as far as wedding party planning and execution are concerned.

King's Weddings!

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